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3 Reasons for Rediscovering Barbershops

Barbershops have sadly taken a backseat in favor of the unisex salons in past years. We saw more men patronizing the services of unisex salons for men and women although we must say that there’s nothing wrong with it. But we also believe that it’s high time that men rediscover the joys that come with regular visits to their neighborhood barbershop. If you can’t find any barbershops in your area, you can even consider a male-focused salon such as Sport Clips. You can view the latest and up-to-date Sport Clips prices on PriceListo!

#1 Men’s Haircuts Are the Barbers’ Specialty

Men’s hair is significantly different from women’s hair. For this reason, men’s haircuts are different from women’s haircuts – and we’re not just talking about specific hairstyles, such as a man’s crew cut and a woman’s bob cut, but also about the techniques and tools used. Barbers, for one thing, know the proper use of clippers in cutting and trimming men’s hair; clippers are essential tools in men’s haircuts.

While the hairstylists in unisex salons can also cut men’s hair, the results may not be as great as the results produced by experienced barbers. This isn’t to say that the former are incompetent but just to say that the latter are more competent in the job of giving men their desired haircuts.

Going back to the use of tools, hairstylists in unisex salons are trained in using scissors and in cutting women’s hair in cosmetology school. They are also trained in the wide range of methods used for treating women’s hair from straightening and perming to coloring and styling (e.g., for special occasions), which aren’t exactly in a man’s vocabulary.

In contrast, barbers in barbershops are trained in using clippers, the most important tools in men’s haircuts. They can choose the best clipper for each type of hair and cut desired, as well as use it with more finesse than most hairstylists can.

The difference between the training acquired by a hairstylist and a barber will likely mean the difference between a sloppy cut and a suave debonair cut. You will obviously choose the former because you’re a manly man, one who has no time for repeat cuts within the same week.

#2 Professional Shaves Are on the Menu

Let’s face it. When an experienced barber gives you a nice shave, you feel not only pampered but you also feel more alive. Just imagine being at the mercy of another man, so to speak, while he wields a sharp razor to your neck and face and you get the idea! You will even feel like a new man after a professional shave at your favorite barbershop, just because you feel more relaxed.

And oh boy! The experience in itself is something worthy to write home about to your father, the one who may have extolled the virtues of barbershops and dismissed the unisex salons that sprouted like mushrooms in your hometown. You will gain a new appreciation for the conscientious attention to detail that your barber has to your skin.

Your experience starts as soon as you enter the barbershop – there are no smells usually present in a unisex salon with women as the main clients. Instead, you will love the underlying testosterone-filled vibe with an underlying lemony scent. You will then be ushered to the barbershop chairs – the large ones that evokes manliness, not the dainty ones at a salon – with their padded armrests and footrests.

You will then recline in your seat and close your eyes because many the best things in life are best enjoyed with your eyes closed, great shaves and kisses included. Your barber then wraps a hot towel on your face and places it there for a few minutes. You will feel the hot towel being lifted before a lemon-based cream is applied on your skin to clean out your pores.

Your barber then places more hot towels on your face for several minutes. You may even take a short nap, if you feel like it. Afterwards, the towels are removed, which will be followed by a massage of cocoa butter. Your barber places a warm lather on your beard and starts shaving, the kind of shave that feels so good because it’s the closest shave you will ever have.

Afterwards, another hot towels is placed on your face. After it has been removed, a soothing vanishing cream will be applied to your skin in preparation for a final facial massage and voila! You have a great shave that will last for a week or so.

#3 Man-Cave of Sorts

Barbershops are among the manliest of places in contemporary society for many reasons. You will rarely, if ever, see a woman sitting on a barber’s chair for a haircut or a woman cutting the clients’ hair! While it may seem sexist, it’s just the way that the world turns because barbershops may well be the last bastions of manliness, with every barbershop being a man-cave of sorts.

Here, you will hobnob with interesting characters – males, of course – who have equally interesting stories to tell and opinions to say. You really don’t have to worry about running out of things to say or hear, as well as offending sensitive feminine sensibilities, because of the male population. You can talk about current events, cars, sports and even vulgar jokes with almost everyone involved from the barbers to the clients.

The next time you’re getting a haircut, be sure to go to a barbershop, not a lame unisex salon with a strong estrogen vibe.

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