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Buffalo Wild Wings Roasted Garlic Mushrooms Review

The Roasted Garlic Mushrooms from Buffalo Wild Wings are little mushroom that have been roasted and fried. They come with delicious southwestern ranch dressing to dip ’em in.

Combined with the dipping sauce, this meal has a total of 690 calories, with 52g fat, 52g carbs, and only 5g protein. If you haven’t known by now, mushrooms are not a great source of protein. The Roasted Garlic Mushrooms are about $6.79 depending on your location.

First Glance

On first glance, these things almost look like little chicken nuggets. So in that way, I was a little disappointed as I was hoping they’d be full-sized mushrooms instead.

First Bite

Let me tell you guys something. These little fried mushrooms are pretty tasty. But I do have to admit that they’d be much less tastier without the southwestern ranch dressing to dip them in.

The breading is a little too thick compared to the actual mushroom inside of it. It’s almost like you get 3x as much breading as you do mushroom. So in a way, it’s almost impossible to taste the mushrooms anyways.


Overall, the Roasted Garlic Mushrooms are pretty tasty, but when you consider the price, it doesn’t seem like a great value at all. The mushrooms are too small and nowhere to be found, while the breading is heavy and thick. So if you’re looking for mushroom taste, skip this meal.

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