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Pizza Hut Half Mushroom Half Cheese Pizza Review

Pizza Hut is one of the three big chains of pizza restaurants, along with Papa John’s and Domino’s. While each of them have their own style of pizza, this article will go over the Pizza Hut’s hand-tossed half mushroom half cheese pizza with garlic crust. Using a carryout coupon, you can get this pizza for only around $6.99.

First Glance

On the first glance, the pizza looks pretty delicious. But I am a pizza lover, so a pizza is more likely to look delicious to me than not. I have only had a bad pizza a few times in my life. So when it comes to pizza, I am obviously easy to impress.

First Bite

As I was eating this pizza, I noticed a few things I didn’t like.

First, their garlic coated crust is kind of oily and has a weird almost-industrial taste. Not very good to me.

Second, the crust on the bottom is a bit crunchy, but not in a good way. There’s just not much flavor to the crust. It was golden, but not brown. So I was surprised to see that it was crunchy.

Third, the mushroom topping was a great choice. Pizza Hut has the best mushroom in my opinion when it comes to the big three pizza chains.


Overall I was pretty disappointed with this crust so I would recommend going with thin crust or giving Papa John’s or Domino’s a shot instead. Their hand tossed crust is just more flavorful and doughy.

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