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The Biggest Food Trends of 2018

Every year, there’s some major trend that sweeps everyone off their taste buds. This isn’t surprising because it has been happening for decades already. There’s always one item that captures the hearts and stomachs of everyone at a given time. In fact, experts have been defining years through the trendiest food item at the time. So there’s a good chance that you’ll easily find out what was the hottest food trend when you were born or find out when your favorite popular dish or drink first became popular.

There’s no end in sight for food trends, though. And in 2018, there are quite a few trends that you might want to try out right away. Some of them are the following:

Poke Bowls

Best described as a deconstructed sushi in a bowl, poke is a Hawaiian traditional food. It’s a very simple and uncomplicated way for the locals to enjoy the freshest catch as it features raw fish and local flavors.

This food has a lot of appeal even if a lot of the places that offer it outside Hawaii don’t serve authentic dishes. For one, it’s deemed to be very healthy so it definitely appeals to the collective consciousness of today’s diners who are after fresher and more nutritious bites.

Two, it offers customization. It doesn’t even need to contain raw fish to be counted as a poke bowl in some places. As long as it’s packed with nutritious and fresh ingredients, then you’re pretty much good to go. This tends to make it cross the healthy bowls territory, like the ones offered by Vitality Bowls, but don’t confuse the two as they’re very different from each other.

Three, it’s very tasty. The raw fish mixed with fresh flavors can offer something new to your taste buds. So, yes, the novelty is certainly there and it’s here to stay.

Charcoal Anything

Have you seen those ‘goth food’ items in your social media feeds lately? While some of them are made with squid ink, a lot of the dark deserts use activated charcoal instead to achieve its enigmatic appearance. It’s certainly very intriguing, since you don’t really get to eat anything black all too often.

You’ll find activated charcoal in ice cream, pastries, beverages, and even pasta. Just be careful not to eat too much of it, though, as it can cause vomiting and constipation. It might also render some medications ineffective.

Filled Donuts

While filled donuts aren’t exactly new, they’re still grabbing a lot of attention lately as more and more bakeries are putting their own spin in this classic delicacy. Aside from creams, donuts are now also being stuffed with various sweets. You’ll find actual chocolate bars inside so you can count on these to be a very indulgent treat.

Filipino Food

Anthony Bourdain has always said that Filipino food will have its moment soon and it really did. It might be a shame that Bourdain is not with us anymore to see how big the cuisine can get, but at least he saw the start of it.

What’s so special about this Southeast Asian cuisine? It’s rich, savory, and spicy all at once. It’s also very adaptable that Filipino chefs can put a twist on familiar food items and make it Pinoy-style.

Edible Flowers

A lot of us love food that looks great. They’re not just appetizing but they’re also Instagram-worthy, so why not indulge in a gorgeous plate, right? Edible flowers offer both as it’s not just pretty to look at but it’s unique flavors and aromas can also excite an adventurous foodie.

Soft Serve

If soft serve ice cream reminds you of your younger self, don’t worry because you can make new memories with this trend this year. These machines are making a major comeback in 2018 with fresher and more exciting flavors.

Gut Food

In line with the current health-conscious trends, gut-friendly food items are also all the rage this year. Fermented and pickled veggies take center stage as kimchi, miso, and kefir take the mainstream.

Not convinced that these food items will charm the general populace? Well, pickle ice cream is gaining a lot of buzz lately and kimchi is starting to become a regular menu item in fusion restaurants.

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Millennials are really proving to be more health conscious as of late as they’re even ditching cocktails for healthy and non-alcoholic drinks. This doesn’t mean that the trendiest concoctions are boring, though, as they include unexpected flavors and surprising botanical mixes.

These are just a few of the biggest food trends that might get you excited this year. There are tons of other emerging trends that might better appeal to your taste buds but the ones listed above are now ready for the taking. So give them a shot and give yourself a whole new culinary experience.

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