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The Search for the Best Game Night Chow: Buffalo Wild Wings vs. Hooters vs. Wingstop

With its size and history, it’s easy to see why Americans don’t agree much on a lot of things. But what most of the population agree in is their love for chicken wings. About 80% of the population, according to a survey, eats chicken wings. With this number, it’s quite safe to say that America has a serious love affair with this dish.

Dubbed as an iconic American food, chicken wings have definitely become staples in American cuisine. You’ll find them offered in just about any eatery but there are also places that offer them. You’ll find them in various flavors matched with different sauces and dips so you don’t even have to worry about variety.

The Buffalo Wild Wings, Hooters, and Wingstop are just three of the most popular chains where you can get the tastiest wings in the US today. They’re practically the public’s go-to spots for chicken wings that they’re sparking debates about which one offers the best-tasting wings.

The good news is that there are so many opinions on this topic that you’ll surely learn a lot in the process. The bad news is that they can be a bit overwhelming and confusing. People’s opinions are greatly varied when it comes to their chicken wings and where it’s best to get them.

So how do you choose? We’ve laid out the facts about these three chains that can help you get better acquainted with each restaurant below. Hopefully, these get to help you choose which one appeals to your taste buds best.

Buffalo Wild Wings: Perfect for Game Nights

While the Buffalo Wild Wings or B-Dubs was initially established as a college hang-out, in the early 1980s, it quickly matured into a game night spot after a few years. And when it did, it changed the landscape for fast-casual dining chains in the US.

What B-Dubs did so well that propelled it to success is its expert combination of booze, grease, and a whole lot of excitement. When they rebranded into a sports-themed eatery and outfitted their restaurants with TVs that are designated to play sports all day long, they hit the sweet spot. Wings have always been game night food, so why not let patrons enjoy both in one sitting?

But lots of other restaurants are doing the same thing, so how did Buffalo Wild Wings managed to be as successful as they are? The answer here is pretty straightforward: their food. Their wings and sauces are aptly called “wild” because that’s exactly what they are.

With 21 wing flavors and 22 sauces to choose from, there’s a good chance that you’ll find something from their offerings that will tickle your taste buds.

Hooters: A Lot of People Actually Go for the Food

Hooters tend to have a bad rap for having their servers in skimpy outfits so a lot of people miss out on the good food they offer. Those who couldn’t care less about what the people around them think can get to enjoy their delicious buffalo wings and the “Hooters Experience”.

According to former Hooters servers, their chicken wings are the restaurant’s biggest draws and not the girls. The wings are larger than what other places serve and they’re perfectly cooked to a crisp. Some people will even argue that it’s better than what they serve at Wingstop and Buffalo Wild Wings.

They might only have six wings flavors to choose from, but they’re all worth going to Hooters for. And if you’re not a fan of the restaurant atmosphere, you can always get them to go and enjoy the wings in the comforts of your own home.

Wingstop: The Best Stop for Chicken Wings

A quick search online will tell you a few things. One is the fact that Wingstop is one of the newest players in the chicken wings game. Two, it’s highly preferred by a lot of people. You’ll find taste tests by blogs and media outlets hailing Wingstop as their ultimate pick.

This can be surprising to some since they only have 12 flavors to offer. However, their similar prices and quality tend to draw people in. Some of their flavors are quite unique, too, so they also have something different to offer.

It also helps that a major hip-hop star, Rick Ross, promoted the brand diligently. Being a franchisee, you’ll hear Ross rap about their lemon pepper wings and gush about his love for “flats” in his social media accounts. He helped make the fast-casual chain more recognizable among millennials, that’s for sure.

The Verdict

If there’s one thing that everyone needs to know about these three chains is that they all serve great chicken wings. It’s just a matter of where you feel most comfortable eating in for some people.

For most, Wingstop tends to be the friendliest joint, thanks to its fast-casual nature. But if you want to enjoy a game and some booze with your chicken, then the Buffalo Wild Wings is a great place to be. If you want something bolder, then, Hooters can be a great choice.

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