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Wendy’s Spicy Caesar Chicken Salad Review

I have to be honest, the Spicy Caesar Chicken Salad from Wendy’s is by far one of my favorite fast food salads ever. It has all the right ingredients and the perfect amount of each.

The salad itself consists of romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, three cheese Italian blend, spicy chicken breast, and croutons. It comes with two smaller packets of their caesar dressing. The full size salad is around 720 calories, which is not bad at all considering its size. And at around $6.29, it is also a pretty good deal.

First Glance

As you can see in the image above, the salad looks good from the get-go. It’s not a juggled mess that some salads tend to be. This one looks good, period.

It’s all neatly organized for you to add croutons and caesar dressing.

First Bite

Eating this salad is just a delight. It is flavorful and spicy, but not overly spicy to a point where you can’t finish it or it upsets your stomach. The caesar dressing really works well with the spiciness to tone it down a bit.

The romaine lettuce and cherry tomatoes always taste fresh and crunchy. Everyone hates limp salad leaves.

If I had to say one thing I don’t like, it would have to be the croutons. If everyone followed in the path of Texas Roadhouse and their croutons, all of our salads would be even more amazing now.


Overall, if you’re looking for a great caesar salad from a fast food joint, then this is the one to try. Now only is it full of flavor, it is simply fun to eat and you get plenty of it so you won’t be starving in an hour.

The chicken breast they add is real white meat chicken breast they use in their spicy chicken sandwich as well, which I absolutely love.

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