4 Tips in Turning Treadmills into Multi-Trick Ponies

Treadmills are the one-trick ponies of the exercise equipment industry – or are they? When you come to think about it, you can actually perform many tricks during your treadmill exercise and get more effective results! Here are four tips that you can easily apply during your treadmill workout in gyms like the Orange Theory Fitness. #1 Be Conscious of Proper Form Getting the best results from your treadmill exercise starts with adopting proper form from the moment you step on it until you get off it. In doing so, you will enjoy several benefits including decreased risk of injury, especially on your legs and lower back, as well as increased efficiency and energy expenditure.  You can run on a treadmill first, assess your running form, and make changes according to the following tips on proper form. Your shoulders should be stacked over your hips with your body slightly pitched…


First-Time Doggy Daycare: 3 Tips for Pet and Owner Preparation

If your beloved dog will be left in doggy daycare for the first time or you are going to enroll him in a new daycare, you have to prepare both yourself and your pet. You don’t want separation anxiety, missing information, and misunderstandings adversely affect your pet’s daycare experience that, in turn, will affect your own experience. With this in mind, here are our tips for preparing yourself and your pet before leaving him to enjoy his first daycare experience at a local Dogtopia. Start with Physical Preparations Your dog should be prepared for the day when he will be left for half a day or an entire day in doggy daycare. You have the responsibility of preparing him obviously because you’re the alpha dog so he will follow your lead. You can do so by keeping these useful tips in mind. Check that your dog has up-to-date vaccinations. You…

Beauty & Style

3 Reasons for Rediscovering Barbershops

Barbershops have sadly taken a backseat in favor of the unisex salons in past years. We saw more men patronizing the services of unisex salons for men and women although we must say that there’s nothing wrong with it. But we also believe that it’s high time that men rediscover the joys that come with regular visits to their neighborhood barbershop. If you can’t find any barbershops in your area, you can even consider a male-focused salon such as Sport Clips. You can view the latest and up-to-date Sport Clips prices on PriceListo! #1 Men’s Haircuts Are the Barbers’ Specialty Men’s hair is significantly different from women’s hair. For this reason, men’s haircuts are different from women’s haircuts – and we’re not just talking about specific hairstyles, such as a man’s crew cut and a woman’s bob cut, but also about the techniques and tools used. Barbers, for one thing,…


5 Tips for Your Pre-Wedding Fitness Plan

Did you know that 80% of brides and more than 50% of their wedding entourage including their family members will change their diet and exercise habits for the wedding day? This is according to the 2006 American Wedding Study conducted by and we’re inclined to believe it because brides naturally want to look and feel good during their big day! But there are several issues that may prevent your own plans for better health and fitness in time for your wedding day. Your hectic schedule for your wedding preparations, from choosing the vendors and venue to deciding on the budget and guests, is largely to blame for it. You will then think that there’s little time to get into a Bodyplex gym to get a healthier, fitter and sexier body. Fortunately, there are several ways that you can get your bride-to-be butt into the gym and work out. Here…

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Sophisticated Restaurant Words and Manners Made Simpler

Many people are, unfortunately, hesitant to eat in upscale restaurants like Peter Luger because of their near-ignorance of the fancy terms on the menu. The questions – “What if I make a mistake and look like a fool? What if I order something but it turns out to be not to my liking?” – race through their heads until their anxiety get the better of them. This is such a shame as the fancy-schmanzy terms shouldn’t be a reason to skip the truly enjoyable dining experience that upscale restaurants can offer. Here’s a rundown of the most common terms used in restaurants explained in simpler terms. You should be able to order with more confidence and get an enjoyable experience every time you dine out. You will also find a few important reminders about dining in upscale restaurants since ordering is just one part of the process. The Fancy Words…

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The Art of Manly Body Hair Removal Explained

Body hair removal, also known as manscaping, is becoming a socially acceptable means of manly grooming for many reasons. The rise of the metrosexual men, who are loosely defined as urbane men who like to look and feel good in and out of their clothes, can partly be credited for its increasing popularity. Of course, every man who undergoes manscaping has his own reasons for doing so. These reasons include the need to remove excessive bodily hair in time for the summer season or for a bodybuilding competition, even for a honeymoon in a tropical island. Whatever your reason may be for considering partial or complete body hair removal, you should first educate yourself about it – what it is, what its methods are, and what to expect before, during and after the process. Choosing Between Hot Wax and Cold Wax The best waxing salons, such as the Pretty Kitty…


The Novel Ways Pets Improve Quality of Life

Pets undoubtedly make people feel good! Pet owners can attest to the physical and mental health benefits that their beloved cats and/or dogs give to them, from boosting their mood to decreasing their risks from cardiovascular disease. These benefits aren’t just anecdotal because numerous scientific studies are available to back them up. With beloved pets in your life, you will enjoy more stable blood pressure and blood glucose levels, decreased bad cholesterol levels, and reduced risk of strokes, as well as ease the symptoms of depression and anxiety. You will enjoy an exercise buddy, especially when brisk walking for miles is your idea of good exercise, and more connections with other pet owners on your walks. Aside from these well-known benefits, however, there are many novel ways that pets can improve their owners’ quality of life. Just be sure that, indeed, your pets receive the proper care and attention they…

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Thoughts on Eating for Mental Health

We all know that healthy food nourishes the body by providing it with the essential macronutrients, micronutrients and antioxidants, among others, necessary for normal functioning. But there’s a growing body of evidence that food also nourishes the brain – or the mind, for that matter – in ways that further emphasize the importance of a healthy diet. Food Psychiatry on the Rise The concept of food psychiatry is on the rise, thanks partly to the growing evidence that a nutritious diet is good for both the mind and body. Psychiatrists traditionally aren’t trained to ask questions and give answers about nutrition in the management of mental health illnesses but recent research studies have shown that diet is among their most powerful interventions. By helping people adopt healthy eating habits in general and eat certain foods in particular, they can contribute to improved mental health and decreased risk of psychiatric disorders….


Strong Abs: Their Value, Effective Exercises, and Proper Food

Keeping strong abdominal muscles goes beyond the attractive appearance of a washboard stomach! Indeed, strong core muscles including your abdominal muscles, hip flexors and rotators, and lower back muscles are crucial in your daily life activities, aside from your workout routines. Keep these things in mind so that you will have a deeper appreciation of their value, as well as the effective food and exercises to strengthen them. Daily Health Benefits of Strong Core Muscles When you think of your core muscles as the hub that holds the upper and lower parts of your body together, your appreciation of its crucial role in your overall healthy will deepen. Your dedication to strengthening your core muscles with proper diet and exercise will pay off in the form of these benefits. Improved strength, stability and balance Your ability to maintain your balance and remain stable during your daily life activities and exercises…

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5 Rules of Hair Highlights For Men

Hair highlights for men are making a comeback! Indeed, we welcome its comeback because there’s something good to be said about highlights adding depths to men’s hairstyles without making it look overdone. The comeback of subtle highlights has been seen on fashion runways and editorial spreads, as well as among celebrities like Chris Evans. Keep in mind that the current trend in highlights aren’t the same ones seen on Nick Lachey and Chris Kirkpatrick, celebrities who will probably be the poster boys for the frosted tips in men’s hairstyles in the late 1990s. Men who are up-to-date about trendy men’s hairstyles know that these highlights aren’t designed to make their wearer stand out in a negative way. Instead, these highlights blend in well with the natural hair’s natural characteristics including color, flow and texture. Emphasis must also be made that not every man will like highlights on their hair, as…