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Longhorn Steakhouse Parmesan Crusted Chicken Review

If you find yourself at a Longhorn Steakhouse one day and you’re wondering what to order for the main meal, I will give you a suggestion. Try their Parmesan Crusted Chicken. BUT that is only if you love and I mean absolutely love a lot of cheese.

Parmesan Crusted Chicken is about $13.99 for 9 oz. and $15.99 for 12 oz. I found 9 oz. to be plenty, especially since they give you bread and butter as appetizer. The meal itself is basically grilled chicken breasts covered by creamy Parmesan and garlic cheese crust.

First Glance

The moment I looked at, I knew I was going to love it. I’m a big fan of cheese and cheesy meals, so this was no exception. The cheese is melty and gooey, but it’s not runny. I’m not a fan of runny cheese, that just makes the whole meal messy.

First Bite

First bite got my taste buds going Ooooooh Yeeaaaaa — literally. That cheese adds so much taste and flavor to the otherwise plain grilled chicken breast. We all know grilled chicken breasts can be a little dry and bland, so when you add this concoction on it, it deserves the top score.

I mentioned all the gooey cheese, right? Well, that’s really all there is to this meal. That’s what gives this meal its WOW factor. Without that, it really wouldn’t even be worth writing a review for.


So my finally verdict about Parmesan Crusted Chicken is this. One amazingly delicious meal for all that love the gooey and melty cheese. For those that are sensitive to cheeses, this is probably one to avoid. It has a lot of grease from melted cheese, so I could definitely see this upset a few sensitive stomachs out there.

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