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Sarku Japan Chicken Teriyaki Review

The Chicken Teriyaki from Sarku Japan is a meal that comes with grilled chicken pieces, grilled veggies, and grilled rice. It is then mixed with teriyaki sauce to give it that authentic Japanese flavor.

Depending on what you put in it, it can range from 640 to 870 calories. Most likely it will be towards the higher number. It costs about $6.79, but it varies based on location.

First Glance

First Bite

If you love teriyaki flavor, you will find satisfaction with this meal as that’s primarily what you can taste. This is an interesting meal as they don’t skimp out on any ingredients. Most places will give you very little protein, but Sarku Japan does not. They load it up with chicken and if you get chicken and shrimp, you get twice as much. It makes it a very good value overall.

When you’re eating this, you really do taste the sweetness of teriyaki. There’s no way around that. Just like with all other ingredients, they don’t skimp out on teriyaki either.


As expected, the flavor of this meal is not overly complex, but it is very sweet due to the teriyaki sauce. If you love teriyaki, I would recommend trying this meal as it’s a great value. If you do not love teriyaki, perhaps you can with something else and less sweet.

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