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These are The Most Bizarre Things Found in Fast Food

The following are some of the most bizarre things found in fast food meals in the past.

1. Condom

In 1999, in a McDonald’s in Easton, Pennsylvania, William Smith found a condom in his Big Mac.

2. Knife

In 2008, New Yorker John Agnesini said he discovered a 6-inch knife baked in his subway sandwich. He was given $20,000 for the restaurant’s mistake.

3. Chicken Head

In 2000, a Virginia resident, Katherine Ortega, claimed to have found a whole chicken head deep fried within her chicken nugget. This claim has yet to be proven true or false.

4. Human Finger

In 2012, a mother and son found a human finger inside their Arby’s sandwich. An Arby’s employee had apparently cut her finger on a meat slicer and left without reporting it to anyone.

5. Dead Mouse

In 2015, a customer in Lincoln City, Orgeon had discovered a dead mouse in his subway sandwich. An investigation by the company concluded that the mouse most likely came from within bagged spinach product rather than from the inside of restaurant.

Although the chances of finding bizarre and gross things in your fast food meals are extremely low, it helps to take precautions when you eat by choosing to eat only at cleanest restaurants.

Read below for ways to spot a clean restaurant.

Here are some of the ways to spot a clean restaurant

One of the first reasons you might come up with for eating in instead of eating out is finances. It’s cheaper, right? You’re not tempted to buy that $12 cocktail, you’re not getting appetizers that you don’t really need, and at least at home you don’t have to ask them to alter the order to fit your preferences.

You might also have dietary restrictions that make eating out hard. Or, you may have kids…who also make eating out hard.

But if you can get past the reasons why you shouldn’t be eating out, once you get out there and find a restaurant that you enjoy with a menu that’s not only exciting but satisfying, it can be well worth the outing.

Going out – whether you’re by yourself or alone – can have positive mental and social benefits. Psychology Today has an entire article on why getting out on your own is actually good for you, and it includes: rebooting your brain, enhancing your relationships with others, and discovering yourself.

But there’s another reason to be leery of eating out; not all restaurants are as clean as they may appear. In fact, many are outright disgusting once we get into their daily practices in hygiene and food handling.

This might not be a surprise to anyone who has worked in the food industry. But for those of you who haven’t, there are some tips and tricks to spotting a clean restaurant – which could ultimately affect your experience and even your health.

1. Check The Reviews

That’s right – before you even bother driving there, pull up the restaurant’s Yelp or Google reviews and see what others before you had to say.

People rarely censor themselves on the internet, and while you should take complaints with a grain of salt, they’re a great place to start when you’re looking for issues.

If you seem more than a handful of reviews commenting on a restaurant being unhygienic or unclean, that’s probably what you’re talking into. Of course, the businesses should be keeping tabs on their reviews and fixing any problems, but it’s not a guarantee.

2. The Walk-In

This is the simplest and quickest thing to notice – are they clearing the tables?

Not all great restaurants are going to be constantly busy. There are slow times. But either way, when you walk in, tables should be already clear or getting cleared and wiped down as well.

A fair red flag for this determining factor would be if they ask you to take a seat at a dirty table. No one wants to get crumbs wiped on them and if the server or busser is having to work around bodies, there’s a good chance the table isn’t as clean as it should be.

3. Bathroom Etiquette

Everyone understands basic bathroom etiquette, whether that means washing your hands for the duration of singing the “Happy Birthday” song twice, putting the seat down, or making sure not to touch surfaces that might be covered in bacteria.

But in restaurants, that goes a step further – first of all, if you’re using the bathroom and an employee happens to be in there as well, pay attention to whether or not they wash their hands and how thoroughly they do it. You wouldn’t want to eat food after someone just stepped out of the bathroom without cleaning up; who knows what could have been transferred to your meal?

Keeping an eye on the cleanliness of the bathroom itself is important, too.

How they treat a customer area will be indicative of how they treat their backroom and kitchen, as well. Therefore, if the bathroom is a mess and not well-kept, chances are they’re not doing much to make their work space any better.

If you step into a restroom and immediately get grossed out or feel uncomfortable, take that as a red flag, and high-tail it out of there.

4. What’s on The Table?

Maybe you don’t really consider this question, unless you’re hunting for the ketchup.

But think for a second about the volume of customers going through the restaurant; how often would they go through condiments? Enough that the containers shouldn’t be crusty or gunked up.

The condiments as well as the table also shouldn’t be sticky. That is a huge red flag! It means that even if the staff is wiping down the surfaces, they’re not actually doing it the correct way, with cleaning products that should get rid of bacteria and grime.

5. Check Your Silverware

This is probably another object you didn’t think to look too closely at.

Chances are, if the silverware is dirty it won’t be immediately noticeable. But if you do more than glance at your fork before using it, you shouldn’t see flecks of food, which can sometimes make it through shoddy washing – even with machines.

Watermarks aren’t a big deal, but if you can clearly see that the fork hasn’t been cleaned properly, ask for a new set. While you’re at it check your glasses too. It happens. If the next set you get also isn’t in great condition, you should definitely strike this restaurant off your list of places to frequent.

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